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Craters & Freighters of Dallas has over two decades of packaging, crating and shipping expertise.

"First-class service and great pricing. Fast, professional and the entire staff was extremely friendly, from the front office staff to the guys in the warehouse. Whoever is running this company is doing a tremendous job. Don handled my account and I had the pleasure of speaking with 5-6 different employees. All were a pleasure to deal with. Will definitely use again and highly recommend using them for anything you need packed & shipped! Thank you!"

"I would like us to give a special STANDING OVATION to Jose Cabrera, Andres Gracia, Kaisy Morales, Noe, and Craters & Freighters for the long hours that they have been working over the past 3 days (~36 hours).
They also gave up their Saturday and put in a 12 hour day.  I personally would like to thank you, it is GREATLY APPRECIATED and an excellent example of Always Good.  Way to GO!!!"
Best Regards,
Stephen Harold

Performance Pulsation Control, Inc.

"In late 2014, Triumph Aerostructures - Vought Aircraft Division (TA/VAD) Strategic Procurement was
tasked to source and develop a supplier to support our new Embraer Disposable Shipping Crate
program at our Red Oak, TX. facility. Through our proposal process we asked our selected suppliers
to review the RFQ documentation describing our statement of work for the Program and use their
knowledge and expertise to provide a detailed analysis and proposal.

We learned very quickly that Craters & Freighters could adapt to our requests and provide a quality
product on time. They were very good. Craters & Freighters threw a number of people at our project,
analyzed our documentation, learned our business processes, and provided us a comprehensive
analysis and recommendation for the Disposable Shipping Crates system that we ultimately selected.
Their analysis of the implementers was also on time and on target.

I would recommend Craters & Freighters be a part of anyone’s go-to suppliers when it comes to cost
effective crating solutions."

"Hi Manuel,
Thank you very much!
Also, our Logistics Manager advised that you & your team did a phenomenal job with the preparation, logging and loading of this job; we appreciate it!
Thanks, again!"
Emilio Davalos

"Having used Craters & Freighters in various locations throughout the country, I decided to overlook the one star reviews that this particular location got and try them again (especially since I had used Houston & Tampa Craters & Freighters within the last few years with great results). I was looking to move valuable items from a family estate in Texas to my high rise condo in California. I communicated with a few of the Craters & Freighters folks while trying to get the estimate and moving details worked out and in the end, Choyet was the gentleman who helped me get it all sorted out, also giving me a more specific price compared to what I was originally quoted. I received the shipment of about 40 items in total, many antiques from around the world, 3 smallish pieces of furniture and 3 lamps, and they were perfectly packed into 9 large, padded boxes! The drivers helped me unload everything and stuck around while I checked the inventory. Any damage to the items had already occurred prior to their handling and had been noted on the packing list. We checked everything very carefully and even the tiniest pieces had made it in the shipment. In the end, every person I'd interacted with had been kind and patient and everything was wrapped and packaged beautifully and with the utmost care. So happy to have received the items safe and sound so I can enjoy them in my home!"

Chris M.
San Diego, CA

"Craters & Freighters is currently contracted to build wooden containers for shipment of a fuselage for one of our international customers. These containers are 427" x 138" x 159" and require special handling and transport.

The design required special cradles, lifting and loading devices along with protection when shipping both air and ocean. Crate needed to withstand G-forces of Antonov aircraft movement.

Craters & Freighters Dallas were here during every fit check and re-design that was required during this process. Their team was always available with suggestions and immediately stepped in to intiate changes to the original design when required.

They are extremely knowledgeable and capable of building a quality product. We have used them on other projects.

Triumph would recommend them as a great company to partner with on any project."


Mona Taff, Traffic Logistics Administration

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